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6 Ways to Discover the Morzine you didn’t know

Hiking Morzine

So you have been to Morzine. You have your favourite piste, hiking or mountain bike trail. You’ve drunk the genepi and bought a novelty t-shirt. You have done it all haven’t you? Think again! It takes a few visits to get to know Morzine and its surrounding areas properly.

Whether it is working out the best pistes to head to at certain times of the day, finding those hidden powder spots or the best mountain bike trails in the Summer. These things take time, so I am inviting you to come back to Morzine and see it with fresh eyes. Here are 6 ways to discover the Morzine you didn’t know.

1. Switch Seasons

Forget the Snow : What Is Summer in the Alps Like?

If you speak to many of the Brits that live here, you will hear the phrase “I came for Winter but stayed for the Summer….” Morzine is more well known for being a winter resort, because it is in the largest pisted area in the world, the Portes Du Soleil. It has everything families, beginners and advanced skiers and snowboarders need on their winter holiday.

But when the snow has gone, the area turns in to a fantastic summer playground. There are countless events and activities to take part in.

2. Try something new

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At More Mountain we are keen snowboarders and mountain bikers. In fact, we are more than keen, ultimately these are the reasons we changed our lives and moved to the alps. So we are are well qualified to tell you about the benefits of doing both of these sports. We really think skiers and snowboarders should try mountain biking, and vice versa. Doing this, opens up the many opportunities the mountains have to offer,

Coming to Morzine for your summer holiday is definitely a change from your usual beach holiday or summer staycation. Boredom is not an option, but there are plenty of opportunities to relax if you want to.

The different periods of the Winter can change the dynamic of your holiday. A guaranteed white Christmas, or some mild weather slush bashing in April are very different experiences. So if you are lucky enough to be flexible enough to choose different times to visit during the Winter, you can a whole different type of holiday each time.

3. Make Progress

Ski lessons Morzine

The Portes du Soleil has a ton of terrain for all levels. This is what attracts people passionate about their chosen sport, whether it is skiing, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking, road cycling or hiking. Morzine is a great place to perfect techniques and move into higher skill levels. More skills = more enjoyment.

4. Learn Something new

Morzine for advances skiers and snowboarders

Holidays are an investment in time and money, why not take a new skill home with you? Book in for a mountain bike lesson, a yoga class, or go to the dark side and try skiing/snowboarding. You could even try one of the the menu items you haven’t got round to eating (Steak Tartar anyone?). Advanced skiers and snowboarders can book on to off-piste lessons to find secret powder spots and learn about avalanche safety.

5. Go Beyond Morzine


Lunch in Switzerland? A day in Geneva? Waterfall gazing in Sixt-fer-a-Cheval? Morzine’s location means it is a great base to visit lots of local areas. Chamonix and Annecy are less than an hour and a half drive from Morzine, making them ideal destinations for a day out. Click here to see some of our recommended away days from Morzine in the summer.

If you are planning on a longer holiday and want to see mountains and sea, Morzine is only a four and a half hour drive from Finale Ligure on the Italian Mediterranean (Ideal for a double mountain bike fix!).

6. Take on a challenge

summer Morzine 2017

Take on a personal goal or enter one of the many sporting events that go on in Morzine. This is a stunning place to push yourself and great place to recover afterwards. The Spartan Race, the cyclosportive and the Pass’Portes du Soleil are all events that are open to the public during the summer.

Whether you’ve been once or a million times, you may think you know Morzine, but between Summer, Winter, 650km of pistes, a huge amount of mountain bike trails, mountains to hike, water sports and events, there will always be something new.