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Christmas Gifts for Skiers and Snowboarders

Christmas gift ideas for skiers and snowboarders

Stuck for Christmas ideas this festive season?

Are you struggling for Christmas gift ideas for the skier or snowboarder in your life? Well don’t worry; here at More Mountain in Morzine, we have compiled a list of realistic gift ideas to help you find something for your loved ones planning a winter holiday.

Number 1 : Hats

stardust-blog-1500x700You only have to spend a few minutes in a ski resort to see that most people live in hats (even in the summer). So great gifts for those who have a penchant for sliding down mountains are nice snuggly hats.
Stardust is a British company based here in Morzine with a massive range of styles and colours. You can even create your own design online, so you can look cool while keeping your ears warm.

Number 2 : GoPro Accessories

Lots of skiers and snowboarders have GoPros sprouting out of their helmets around Morzine and the rest of the Portes du Soleil these days. Our Snowparking and Slushy Social guests love them. If you are constantly forced to watch helmet cam footage of your mate side slipping down a blue run on holiday, click here for mounts and accessories that might make it more interesting.

Number 3 : Thermals

Thermal underwear may not seem that inspiring, but pretty much anything that keeps you toasty on those frosty Avoriaz mornings is welcome. We like thermals made from technical materials or merino wool. For the ladies who like their thermals with funky designs, you can’t go wrong with Swedish brand Eivy. Eivy’s cool visuals and techie fabrics are available from Subvert and are a must for the snowboard/ski chick in your life.
For guys, or for something a bit more subtle, maybe try Mons Royale. Their Merino wool products are soft, breathable and odour resistant.

Number 4 : Art

Having a reminder of your favourite ski resort is great, whether in the downstairs toilet or pride of place in your private chalet. Frozen Underground uses a mythical London underground concept to piste maps. Featuring resorts all over the French Alps, including Morzine and Les Gets, these pieces of art are great for skiers and snowboarders wanting to spruce up their pad.

Number 5 : Socks

You can never have enough ski and snowboard socks! But why would you get some boring ones when there are much more interesting ones around. We especially like the star wars themed ones from Stance, available from our mates at Subvert who are based at the Chill Factore in Manchester (who also do gift vouchers).

Number 6 : Boot/glove Dryer

Nobody likes cold, soggy ski boots or gloves. Most chalets and apartments have boot dryers now, but you can take these on holiday with you. Putting these portable dryers in your boots or gloves at night, makes sure they are toasty and dry for those cold mornings standing in the lift queue.

Number 7 : Servicing Kit

Anyone with his or her own skis or snowboards should make sure that they slide properly. We like to do it ourselves unless we have a massive hole in the base (in which case we go to Coq and Bull in Morzine). Butta have a number of products including base scrapers and a base cleaner. They also offer servicing kits that come in a nice branded tin, ideal to wrap up and put under the Christmas tree.

Number 8 : Gloves

Anyone who has left their ski gloves in a mountain restaurant will agree that a good pair is essential. But you need to take them off when your mate phones you to find out where you are when they are on their fourth après beer. To make sure you never miss this essential call, these 10 Peaks gloves and mitts have a handy (sorry) zip around the middle allowing you to expose your fingers quickly. Warm and convenient, these gloves ensure you never have to risk dropping your glove off a chairlift again.

Number 9 : Colourful shades

Squinting outside a mountain restaurant in the bright sun and white snow can spoil a skier or snowboarders lunch, but they do not want to tuck into their fondu with their goggles on either. Therefore a decent pair of sunnies is essential, and bright colours are a must this season. Melon make some great, reasonably priced, robust shades which are ideal to chuck in your bag or jacket pocket. So fill yourself up with cheese while looking cool with something from their huge range of styles; you can even design your own.

10 : Face mask

When the weather comes in and you are three long chairlifts from a cosy bar and a vin chaud, any skier or snowboarder will be glad of something to stop bullet like ice pelting them in the face. There are many different ways clothing companies have tried to keep your face warm, but in our experience not all have hit the mark. Some products restrict your breathing while others get a bit soggy with your breath. We have tried most of them over the years and we like the style, tech and comfort of an Air hole and the comfort and versatility of a buff.