Holiday in Morzine: Tips to get the most out of your trip

Holiday in Morzine: Insider Tips

There are lots of blogs on this site to prepare you for your holiday in Morzine. The main two are the Ultimate guide to Winter and the ultimate guide to Summer. But in this blog, I want to give you some extra insider tips that come from our observations over the years.

Pick travel time wisely

A320 landing

You can’t always pick convenient flight times, due to work and personal commitments. But if you have the flexibility, your flight time can make a huge difference to your holiday in Morzine.

Sitting around waiting for your check in time isn’t much fun. We will always try to get you in early, but sometimes it just isn’t possible. Timing your arrival as close to your check in time is the best way. This means you will be able to settle in with a drink while we give you a proper welcome.

More importantly, your departure time needs some serious consideration too. If you book a late flight, we can store your luggage and give you somewhere to change. However, you need to have a plan for the day. Obviously you can go on the mountain for a few hours. But if you are staying in resort, you need to remember that the shops will be shut for lunch, so walking around, eating and drinking are the only realistic activities to do while you wait.

Travel light

travel light

Having your own equipment is great, but in the winter skis and snowboards can be hired, and bikes during the summer. Hiring makes travelling much easier, as you have less to lug around the airport. This is especially apparent when you are bringing kids with you.

If you are new to winter sports, you can also rent ski and snowboard clothing from Crevasse

You can organise your skis and snowboards to be delivered and fitted on your arrival, by Doorstep Skis.

During the summer we recommend Torico Performance Bicycles, for both road and mountain bike hire.

Eat well on your holiday in Morzine


There are lots of great places to eat for self catered guests and for the catered chalet host’s night off. Morzine has traditional savoyard French restaurants everywhere. They serve traditional dishes, such as Tartiflette, fondue and raclette. But they are also great for steaks and pizza too.

Self catered holiday guests could have a go at making a tartiflette themselves! Have a look at the delicious More Mountain recipe here. This is the one we serve in our catered chalets.

If you fancy a fondue or raclette during your holiday in Morzine, Alpine Cuisine offer a fantastic service of delivering everything you need for some melted cheesy goodness. They bring you a box with a kit and all the accompaniments and pick it up the next day….you don’t even need to wash up!

However, if you have dietary requirements, don’t fancy cheese or just want something different, there are some great alternative places to eat. Have a look at the link below for our recommendations for non-savoyard food.

Restaurants in Morzine: A change from cheese

Aprés with cunning

happy hours

Many of Morzine’s bars have happy hours, where drinks are significantly cheaper. Happy hours are usually between 4pm and 6pm, which is perfect for a spot of Aprés! If you choose the right bar, you will also be able enjoy some live music.

Free entertainment

summer in Morzine

Morzine tourist office host lots of events during the Summer and Winter, that are totally free. Activities for kids usually consist of games and entertainers. Adults are treated to live music and lots of other events. Check out our social media and blog pages for upcoming events for each season.

Chat to the locals

The best way to find out what is going on during your stay, is to get the information from locals. Before your holiday in Morzine, keep an eye on our Facebook page, for the latest news. But when you arrive it is best to talk to someone in the know. Whether you are going catered or self catered, we will make sure you know everything on your arrival, so you don’t miss out.

Chalet guests can grill their hosts for information over breakfast and dinner. They will know all the best places to go and best things to do. Hosts also know the best places to ski and snowboard at the best times, so take advantage of their knowledge. Self catered guests can contact our apartments team at any time to ask for tips and recommendations too.

Local bar and restaurant staff are also a great source of information. They come in to contact with a lot of people, and often hear the latest news first. But you can also visit the tourist office for even more information on what to do during your stay in Morzine. You will also be able to book activities through them.