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REAL Snowboarding Lessons in Morzine

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Real Snowboarding, Snowboard Lessons in Morzine

When you meet Barry Parker and Dave Crozier of REAL Snowboarding, you can’t help but be impressed by their passion and energy for the sport. These guys are highly qualified snowboard instructors that teach all over the world at all levels, from olympic champs to school kids and also the British Army. Now they provide snowboard lessons in Morzine each winter – aren’t we the lucky ones!

If you want more style and stealth, these are your guys. They caught our eye back in 2014 when they turned up on the slopes in their bright orange jackets and we saw them for the first time in the Avoriaz park. It was at that point when Jon turned to them to inject a new dimension into our Blokes only snowboard camp – SnowParking, where a bunch of our regular guests get together for some “middle aged shred” as we call it!


As they are Morzine based, they teach More Mountain guests all year round. Kids love em, in addition to riders that want to progress and get some good critique. They are best known by our regulars at the Slushy Social where they offer afternoon clinics in the Park and also on the run of fun “Prolays” with side hit madness sessions. We met for a long over due beer to find out a bit more about them!

How did you get together and when? (sounds like you are a couple!)

Haha! we are not a couple just good friends trying to succeed at a life in snowboarding. We met each other early on during our examinations and we were pretty much the only two that passed one of the exams. It was helpful getting to know each other discuss teaching methods and other ideas while training to become top instructors. We stayed in touch and trained together for future exams.

Why set up your own school when you can work for someone else?

We have worked for other snowboard schools to gain experience, but over the years it became a bit boring. We wanted to create a new experience for snowboarding lessons. The idea was to evolve what we already knew with what we believe snowboarding is about and how it should be applied to all ages and abilities.

What floats your boat about Morzine and why start REAL here?

We love the fact Morzine is chalet orientated and doesn’t have huge concrete buildings like some French resorts. The terrain is excellent despite not being the highest resort. Also having good tree coverage allows us to ride every day no matter what the weather.

OK don’t hold back on this, Why are you different to your competition?


We are different to our competitors because we are the best snowboarders in the area that teach and coach. It sounds like a bold thing to say, but we come from a competitive background. We work with freestyle teams at top levels around Europe and we thrive on pushing our snowboarding to the limit. We aren’t in it for the money, we are in it to create something we love and to show the infectious nature of snowboarding to anyone who wants to join us on the mountain.

So Barry, What is your ideal day on the hill?

My ideal day on the mountain would be for the sun to be out and the snowpark is in perfect condition. The kicker line is freshly shaped and the big jumps are open ready for some upside down tricks!

Is this the same for you Dave?

I am torn between a kicker session in the snowpark with Barry, or hiking to a nearby peak and getting fresh powder all day. Of course the sun needs to be out! we all love the sun!

Its not always blue sky and sun, so why do you do this when it is a whiteout or hammering down with rain?

We work no matter what the weather, so we find the best places to go on that day and make sure its super fun. That way the weather doesn’t affect our snowboarding lessons at all. If we aren’t working we are still snowboarding, even if there is rain or snow with zero visibility. On these days we would both be lapping The Stash in Avoriaz, a snowpark with loads of fun features made out of wood!

REAL Snowboarding
You have had many clients, but what has been your most memorable lesson or client?

So many great clients and excellent moments with each but I think Dave has had the most incredible moment on the mountain so far…

I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach Sarah Hilt who uses prosthetic limbs to snowboard. We spent an entire week together, snowboarding each day and working together to improve technique and confidence. We explored the mountain together and had the best time becoming great friends at the same time.

Click here for the inspirational video

What do you do when the season in Morzine finishes?

We both go to the board test week on an Austrian glacier for the last of winter snow, then soon after go surfing to tan our pale winter bodies.

If you could choose one famous person to teach, who would it be?

The entire cast of Geordie Shore? JOKING! that would be a nightmare. I think a snowboarding lesson with Jay Z and Beyonce would be quite funny and cool.

If you could ride with anyone in the world for the day, who would it be?

Travis Rice around his home town of Wyoming or Baldface Lodge / Alaska with his crew.

And finally, what is your favourite snowboard film ever?

Everything Travis Rice puts out is incredible but i think for the fun factor Shredbots movie is soooooo good!

REAL Snowboarding provide snowboard lessons all winter, get in touch with them early to book your lesson with Barry or Dave.