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River Rafting down the Dranse

Last week the More Mountain team were lucky enough to be invited for an afternoon of river rafting with Jeremy and Nat from Frogs Rafting. Fearlessly, myself, Laura, Rick and Jen volunteered – it’s a tough life!

Our trip started at the Frogs Rafting HQ to get kitted out in wetsuits, boots, life jackets and helmets. We then hopped in the Frogs Rafting van to make our way to the section of the River Dranse we would be rafting on, just a few kilometres down the valley from Morzine. Very quickly Jeremy and Nat were expertly lowering the raft into the cool blue waters of the river and we were almost ready to begin.

Before were got started with the fun, Jeremy gave us a safety briefing to insure we all knew what to do if we fell out, how not to hit each other in the face with our paddles and what his different instructions would be on our two hour trip down the Dranse.

More Mountain team rafting on the River Dranse

We set off through some mellow rapids (although still enough to make the girls scream!) that allowed us to practice following Jeremy’s commands, as well as our paddling action, and soon arrived at the first optional cliff jump. Of course, no one wanted to wimp out so one by one we did our best lemming impressions and jumped the 7 meters into the deep water below. The water was pretty cold but the wet suits did their job and we were quickly warm again as we set off down the next section of the river.

Bigger rapids followed including the formidable L’Escalier (The Staircase) section, which despite its large drops, bumps and waves we strongly paddled through with no men or women falling over board!

More Mountain take on L'Escalier on the River Dranse

Between each set of rapids there were flatter sections of water where we could have a well-deserved rest and take in the beauty of the river and surrounding gorge. During these moments Jeremy pointed out various wildlife, rock formations and at one point a tree that had been gnawed by beavers that live in the area.

We all had an awesome afternoon and all came away with huge grins on our faces. Jeremy is a superb guide and Nat does a great job of making the trip run smoothly as well as popping up at various points down the river snapping photos to capture your trip – all the photos in this post were taken by her.

I can thoroughly recommend booking a trip down the river with Frogs Rafting to any guests staying at More Mountain’s luxury chalets and self catered apartments in Morzine during the summer. If you are more hardcore than us you can even give the “Pro-Rafting Trip” a try, which gives you more time in the boat and hits even bigger rapids!

More Mountain rafting away into the sunset

Contact Frogs Rafting through their website or call them on 0033 (0) 609 308 077.

Contact More Mountain on info@moremountain.com or call us on 0033 (0) 686 021 805.

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