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Your Self Catered Holiday Made Easy

Catered chalet holidays are great, chalet hosts to cook and clean for you. In the winter they drive you to and from the slopes and are a wealth of knowledge about the resort. However, self catered holidays may suit the make up of your group and what you want from your holiday more. If this is you, we have ways of making your self catered holiday easy, summer or winter.

In Resort Concierge Service

We will have contacted you in the weeks leading up to your holiday. We like to make sure everything is in place for your arrival. But once you get to Morzine you are not on your own.

A member of our apartments team will meet you at your chosen luxury property and show you how everything works, from the hot tub to the heating. We will give you all the information to get you started, along with hints and tips for a great holiday.

All our properties have information packs to help you out, but you can call our concierge team at any time. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have. The idea is that you are as independent as you want to be, but you know there is support if you need it.

Lift Passes

Lift Passes - Morzine, Portes Du Soleil

Buying your lift pass on your first morning of a holiday can be a bit of a faff. There is no need for you to queue up at the liftpass office with the hoards of first day holiday makers. We can organise your lift passes so they are waiting for you when you arrive. Just reply to our pre-arrival email with your order, and let us do the queuing for you.

Shopping Packs and Booze Packs

We put essential milk, tea, coffee, sugar and wine in to all our apartments to to get our self catered guests started. But we can also do a proper shop for you! Therefore you don’t need to go shopping on your first day, and aren’t left wanting if you arrive late at night. We have a standard shopping pack with all the essentials, but if you want anything in particular, we can get that for you too.

A nice cold beer always helps you recover from a long journey and get your holiday started. Therefore, we can stock up your fridge with beer and wine. This means you don’t need to carry heavy boxes of booze from the supermarket.

If you have a special occasion to celebrate (or just happy to be on holiday in Morzine), we can also provide some lovely bubbly. We have selected a great prosecco from Le Verre Gourmand for you to enjoy.

Meals on Wheels

Don’t fancy cooking or going out? Why not take advantage of our “Meals on Wheels” service? Restaurant food delivered to your door. We have partnered with La Grange to provide excellent meals making your self catered holiday easier. We can email you the menu in advance of your arrival if this appeals to you.

Bread and Croissant Delivery

self catered holiday

A breakfast in France just doesn’t seem right without some kind of pastry product. Some people like to take a morning walk to the nearest boulangerie, but why not have your bread and croissants delivered? We can organise a range of tasty treats to be brought to your door each morning.

Private Chef

self catered holiday

If you want the independance of a self catered holiday, with the convienience of having your meals cooked for you, you can’t go wrong with booking a private chef. Our favourites are Chez Toi and Alps 2 Atlantic. Both offer different levels of catering to suit most budgets, whether it is basic meals or something special. Just give them a call or email well in advance of your arrival to talk about what they can offer you.

Child Care

We don’t provide child care ourselves, but we know the best nannies and child minders in Morzine. Again, this is something you need to book as early as possible, as they get very busy. Have a look at this link for the full details.

If you have any questions about your stay, please email us at [email protected]