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Walks from Morzine

There are loads of hikes available from Morzine in the summer. But what if you don’t want to take on a mountain but still want to stretch your legs? Well there are many walks from Morzine to keep you suitably occupied.

Parc de Dereche

The river Dranse runs through the centre of Morzine all the way down to Lake Geneva. The area around the river in the bottom of the valley in Morzine is known as the Parc de Dereche. With its wide paths and play areas, it is great for families with small children. In the summer the Parc de Dereche is a great place to go to escape the heat. The tall trees and and running water provide a nice cool refreshing place for a stroll and a picnic.

Like many of the people who live in Morzine, we like to walk the dog along the river. Figgs (the fox terrier) loves it, we walk down one side, then cross one of the many bridges before coming back. The Parc de Dereche has lots of other activities for families, from horse riding to “Go Ape” style high ropes.

Cascade de Nyon

A Walk from Morzine upstream brings you to the Cascade de Nyon. This is another nice gentle walk for families along the river path. Passing the fire station (Sapeurs Pompiers) follow the signs for “Cascade de Nyon”. The waterfall itself is quite impressive, especially when you see people abseiling off it at the end of a guided canyoning trip with Frogs Rafting. There is also a great high rope adventure park in the trees around the waterfall, suitable for kids and adults consisting of zip lines rope swings and cables.

You can carry on up the hill following the “Retour de Nants” signs to get to the Nyon cable car on the way back to Morzine.

Lac du Montriond

The lake at Montriond is our favourite stretch of water. In the winter it is completely frozen over as it doesn’t get the sun, but in summer the sun sits above the giant cliff faces for most of the day. Its clear water is used by swimmers, kayakers, stand up paddle boarders and fishermen. Its banks provide easy paths walkers and ponies to have access to amazing views all around the lake. There are a couple of good restaurants and some public barbecues to keep your family fed.

You can drive to the lake and do an easy walk around it or head up to the Cascade de Ardent. Alternatively you can walk from Morzine to Montriond. From Montriond you walk through picturesque hamlets and woodland until you reach lake Montriond.

Riding the Lifts

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If your family is feeling a bit more adventurous you can jump on the lift system to explore the Portes du Soliel.

The Portes du Soleil has 800km of signposted hiking trails. In the summer many of these trails are accessible from 24 lifts that are used by skiers and snowboarders in the winter.

For those not used to chairlifts, riding one can be an event on its own, but couldn’t be easier to do:

1. Hold your pass to the sensor
2. Go through the turnstile
3. Walk up to the line and wait for the chair to come behind you
4. Sit down and lower the retaining bar
5. Enjoy the ride
6. Lift the bar at the sign at the top
7. Stand up and clear the chair lift

The great thing about riding the lifts is that you can cover some serious distances quickly. Meaning you can get to areas of the mountain that you wouldn’t normally have time to reach in a day. From Lindarets, you can get all the way in to Switzerland via chair lifts with only having to walk for about 45 minutes!

You can buy pedestrian passes for the lifts, however visitors to Morzine have a better option available to them known as the Multi Pass. For €2 per day the Multi Pass gives you unlimited access to at least 50 different activities including the lift system as a pedestrian.

By Tom Fortune