10 Reasons We're Excited About Biking in Morzine This Summer

10 Reasons We’re Excited About Mountain Biking in Morzine This Summer!

1. The New Pleney Telecabine in Morzine

Le Pleney Bubble
The New Pleney Bubble / via: Morzine Source Magazine

The new Pleney lift will commence service for the summer season on Saturday 14th June. Each of its 54 bubbles will be equipped to carry 3 bikes meaning it has the capacity to shoot 900 bikes (and their riders) up the mountain per hour. Who’s up for lapping the Pleney?!

2. The Pleney Trails

Pleney Trails, Morzine
Awesome trails accessed from Pleney / via: Damian Mcarthur

Although the new Pleney lift is cool the real excitement starts when you head back downhill. The trails that are accessible from the Pleney lift are some of the best in the Portes Du Soleil so we are stoked to be able to ride them again this summer.

3. Chatel Bike Park

Chatel Bike Park
The New Pleney Bubble / via: Chatel Press

Chatel Bike Park is an old favourite – offering a variety of features that vary from fairly mild to massively scary. The top section of the park is being redeveloped for this summer so we’re excited to see what’s new.

4. Passportes Du Soleil

Passportes Du Soleil Crew
Read to take on the Passportes Du Soleil

Are we excited about Passportes? Bien sur! This event takes place on the last weekend of June and is an 80km romp around the Portes Du Soleil area. Most of the uphill it taken care of by lifts and there are refreshment stops in all the villages along the way, where you can grab some water and a snack or even a full-blown Racelette meal!

5. The Bike Show at the Passportes Du Soleil

Passportes Bike Show
The Passportes Bike Show / via: Passportes Du Soleil

We had to give the Passportes Bike Show its own mention. After all, what mountain biker doesn’t like to check out all the latest kit? This year’s bike show will be held in Les Gets, the neighbouring village to Morzine, so we might have to pop along more than once!

6. Watching the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup at Chez Roger

Roger MTB World Cup Sign
Roger’s promotional sign / via: Chez Roger

Most people who have been to Morzine before have visited Chez Roger for a quick beer after riding, but did you know that he shows all the UCI World Cup events live? The owner, Roger, is a huge downhill MTB fan (and not a bad rider either) so he streams the events on the multiple TVs around his bar for everyone to enjoy. The atmosphere is always great for these events, or as he would put it “Groooose Ambiance”!

7. Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes Morzine
Electric Bikes in the PDS / via: Portes Du Soleil

You’re lying if you’re saying you haven’t wondered what it would be like to ride an electric mountain bike. Well, you can now hire them at DSV Morzine and there are charging points around the Portes Du Soleil! Many people would say it’s cheating, but with the size of some of the climbs around here we can see the appeal…

8. Super Morzine Trails

Super Morzine Trails
Super Morzine Trail

Many of the trails in the Super Morzine area were new for last summer and proved a massive hit! We can’t wait to get back on the berms and tabletops that snake down the mountain!

9. The Ranfolly Bowl

Ranfolly Bowl
The Ranfolly Bowl

In time for this summer the Nauchet Chairlift has been upgraded to allow it to take two bikes at a time. This means you’ll be able to get back up to the top of the bowl quicker to ride the amazing blue and red runs in this area, as well as Les Gets bike park.

10. Gnarly Black Trails in Chatel

We’ll let this ballsy Italian hitting “Zougouloukata” say the rest – Basta Basta! Mamma Mia!