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Beginner Downhill Mountain Bike Trails in Morzine

Beginner mountain bike trails Morzine

Beginner Mountain bike trails in Morzine

If you have never been mountain biking in the alps before and you are coming to Morzine during the summer, you may want to have a look at our blog to see what to expect. However here is a list of the best beginner downhill mountain bike trails in Morzine.

I strapped on the GoPro and had a little blast down each of them. The videos might not be as entertaining as Claudio Calouri’s Red Bull rampage course preview video, but they serve a purpose. The videos will show you what each are like and hopefully calm any nerves for novices. If you are an experienced mountain biker, this blog is not for you unless you are bringing a nervous friend or partner to Morzine.

1. Pistes des Ecruils – Chavannes Lift

The Pistes des Ecruils is a good green run for beginners in Les Gets. This is accessible from the top of the Chavannes chairlift. It is a good one to start on because the gradient is quite shallow and there isn’t anything scary on it.

This run has been slightly altered for summer 2017, making it longer and a bit more flowy. It has shallow berms (banked turns) and some small bumps to jump over if it takes your fancy. There is a small rooty section about half way down (see 2:40 in video) of the way down. When you get to this, point the bike straight down and stay off the breaks!

There are a couple of drainage ditches towards the bottom of the run that you should be aware of. These are natural ditches that go across the trails and are quite common on fire roads around here. They are made by flowing rain water and are about the same size as your front wheel. You can easily roll through them if you slow down, but it is good to do a wheel lift or a manual over them.

The run will bring you out to a fire road. Turning right will take you all the way back to Les Gets, but turning left will take you to the Nauchettes chairlift, taking you back up to the top for another run.

On this run run you will notice a blue run on the left just as you enter the trees (see 0:23 in the video). This is the coaching track. It is designed to give you a taste of what to find on other downhill trails around the mountain, so it is well worth doing next.

2. Alpages – Zore Lift

Alpages is a nice long green run on the Super Morzine side of the valley. Get on the Zore chairlift and pedal along the fire road towards Avoriaz. After about 5 to 10 minutes you will reach a wooden frame on your right, indicating the start of the run.

The surface is dirt and grass, with a shallow gradient. This trail is as easy as it gets, so it is ideal to start on. There are a couple of spots that you need to look out for tough. Alpages crosses over another green run called Solyant, so just be aware of riders coming from your right (0:56 in the video). The other bit to look out for is a blind bend on a small rise over at marker 20 (1:52 in the video). If you miss this you will just pop out on to the field (there is sometimes a handy electric fence to catch you!).

3. Panoramic


Panoramic is one of our favourite downhill trails. It is fast, flowy and long. With a hard packed dirt and gravel surface and a gentle gradient, panoramic is seriously fun. It is one of those trails that you can session over and over again and notice your improvements each time. It is a great confidence builder and can make you feel like a hero.

To get to Panoramic, you need to head for Linderets and take the Chaux Fleurie chair lift. Start peddling towards the aerials on the ridge to your left following the green signs to Panoramic.

Once you feel confident on this run, head for the blue run called Serpentine. It is a great add-on to Panoramic and takes you to the bottom of Chatel Bike Park. This is a bit more challenging, with nice big berms and a few table tops in the woods. Just take it easy on your first go to learn it, so nothing catches you out.

4. Seraussaix

There is a nice green mountain bike trail linking Avoriaz to the Serussaix chairlift. This trail is popular with beginners and kids and used by the various mountain bike schools. Its gradient is very shallow, and its smooth dirt surface winds its way through the forest next to the Proclou nursery ski slope.

It is a very long and easy run, with small berms and bumps. There are a couple of long and wide board walks allowing bikers to get across marsh land (see 2:23 in video). To get to it, head up the Linderets chairlift and follow the “Retuour Morzine” and “Seraussaix” signs. Alternatively, the best option for beginners and families, would be to take the Zore chairlift and ride the Soylent green run. This takes you to the farm on the tarmac road, where you can take the free shuttle bus to Avoriaz with your bikes.

By Tom Fortune