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Keep Fit on Holiday

Keep fit on holiday

Keep Fit on Holiday

Any fitness regime is pretty difficult to maintain, and if you are anything like me, any interruption to your routine can completely ruin it. After a heavy weekend, a busy week at work or any kind of break it can be very difficult to find motivation to get back in to it. But going on holiday needn’t be one of those interruptions. If you want to keep fit on holiday, the french alps in the summer is the perfect place to be.

Fitness Activities

The summer in Morzine has a lot to offer holiday makers. There are many events and activities to choose from, but some activities are ideal for maintaining fitness or giving you something to aim for.


fitness on holiday

Hiking is a great way to keep fit on holiday. Hikes in the mountains at a higher altitude than you are used to provide long steady workout sessions. Long hikes improve your basic endurance and your body’s ability to burn fat during exercise. Hiking also develops the endurance of your muscles and your aerobic fitness. Making your way around the mountains accessible from your chalet on foot is extremely rewarding while taking in the amazing views and mountain air. This blog is a short guide to some of the best ones around Morzine.

Mountain Biking

Fitness on holiday

Mountain biking is a full body workout and uses large muscle groups, this makes the heart work steadily. The balance required in mountain biking works your core muscles, while climbing and manoeuvring works the upper body too. Whether you are battling your way along a downhill trail or on a scenic enduro ride, your heart will start racing. For more information have a look at our guide to mountain biking in the alps for the first time.

Road Biking

Keep fit on holiday

Road biking is gaining in popularity in Morzine every summer. It is understandable with the famous cols used by the L’etape and the Tour de France leading riders to amazing mountain views. Road biking is great for cardiovascular fitness an fat burning (especially after riding up a mountain). There are lots of different road cycling routes around Morzine for all cyclists wanting to keep fit on holiday. You can also book guided cycling excursions with local company Velovation.

Trail running

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Trail running has a different effect on your body to regular road running. Different surfaces not only work your muscles differently, but improve your balance and proprioception (your bodies ability to know where it is in space), a benefit that transfers to other sports. The Portes du Soleil has lots of new trail running routes around the mountains. These are accessible from the lift system and one of the many benefits you can enjoy from buying a Multi-Pass. This blog is a good starting place to find a suitable trail while you are in Morzine.

Dérêches circuit

Keep fit on holiday

Located on the valley floor in Morzine and home to the swimming pool and ice rink, Le Parc de Dereche is a great place to keep fit on holiday. The the banks of the river flowing through the park has 20 different circuit training stations, which are free to anyone that wants to use them. One side of the river focuses on mobility while the other focuses on strength. The great thing about the circuit is that it is quite shaded and can offer a bit of respite to the summer sun.


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Swimming keeps your heart rate up while building endurance and muscle strength. It is also low impact, so it is great for your joints. Morzine has a 50 x 21 heated olympic outdoor pool and a 25 x 15m indoor pool, plus a kiddies pool and a water slide. Please note that guys need to wear speedo type trunks or they will be kicked out (these are available from a vending machine). But why not take a visit to Lac Montriond? This stunning lake is open to swimmers and often hosts swimming races and triathlons. Visitors to the lake can also hire kayaks and stand up paddle boards for a different kind of exercise (and you don’t have to wear speedos).

Mountain Rehab

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If going to the gym is more your thing, you could go to Mountain rehab. Owned by a British couple, Sarah and Mal, Mountain Rehab offers, pilates, yoga, and spinning classes as well as well equipped gym. Massage and physiotherapy is also available from their highly qualified team.

So if you want maintain or start a fitness plan, the alps are a great place to take your summer holiday. Fantastic catered or self catered properties are available for you to rest after all that exercise.

By Tom Fortune