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Private Chef in Morzine – Alps 2 Atlantic

Private chef Morzine

Private Chef in Morzine – Alps 2 Atlantic

Whether you want to be looked after all week or just want a to book a for a special occasion. Hiring a private chef in Morzine during your self catered holiday is a great option.

We met up with Dan and Ruth from Alps 2 Atlantic slushy Splitboarding mission for a spot of lunch and a chat. Those of you who have stayed in our chalets in the past may remember Dan and Ruth, as they used to be chalet hosts for More Mountain!

What is so special about Morzine for you to choose it as your winter base?

Where to start? Initially it was the ski area. I’ve worked all over the French Alps and in the US and Canada but the Portes du Soleil is hands down my favourite area. I’ve literally skied hundreds of weeks here and I’m still finding new spots on a powder day.

Add in that Morzine feels like more of a town than a ski resort as well as having a brilliant community and it’s the perfect place to be.

How long have you been a private chef and how did you get in to the cooking business?

Alps2Atlantic has been running for 2 years now but before that I’ve been working in and around cooking for over 15 years. In 2001 I had one of those moments when I was ready for a big life change so Ruthie and I packed in our jobs and went to run a chalet for the winter season in the Southern Alps for a big tour operator. We never looked back. Since then we’ve worked all over the place, catering at all levels. I’ve even cooked for the occasional Hollywood celeb and even European Royalty.

What style of cooking could More Mountain guests expect from you?

Totally depends on what they’d like. I have a number of menus available to suit most requirements. If you are a family that likes to eat simple, well prepared, well cooked classics, that’s fine. If you want a bit more of a refined experience with some more interesting flavours and ingredients, you’ll find some great choices on my menus.
I try to offer plenty of variation from just the standard chalet specials and I make just as much effort with every single dish I prepare. I’m a big believer in fresh ingredients and taking great care with flavours.

Private chef Morzine

How does the Alps 2 Atlantic booking process work?

Dead simple. Customers contact me directly and once they’ve chosen the package that best suits their group, they pay a 50% deposit to secure the dates. From there they have plenty of time before they arrive to finalise which meals they’d like to order. The balance of payment is then paid a few weeks before arrival day.

I’m always available on the end of a phone or email to answer any questions at all from the first enquiry until the day you arrive in resort.

Describe a typical evening when you cook in one of our self-catered properties.

I often arrive at the chalet before the customers get back from having an apres beer and get straight to work. If it’s a large group I’ll bring extra staff with me. It’s nice having the pans going when people come in so they get hit by an avalanche of delicious smells when they come home. Whilst people are getting themselves sorted, kicking back in the hot tub or having a drink in the lounge, I’ll be busy arranging everything. By supper time I’ll have the table set, the wine at the ready and be all set to go with dinner.

During the evening it’s laid back but efficient and smooth running. I often get to chat with everyone about how their day went and maybe help them plan where to ski the next day. And then (the Mum’s really love this bit) I clear everything up, get the dishwasher running and leave the place as though I’d never even been there.

Do you have a signature dish, or favourite dish you enjoy cooking?

Haha. I get asked this a lot and I don’t think I do have a signature dish. If something is on my menu, it’s because I’m really happy with it. One of the best thing about food is that you are always learning new things. New techniques, styles ingredients, combinations of flavours. That’s what I love. Right now as I’m working on my summer program, I’m doing a lot with super fresh breakfast ideas and superfoods. I’m personally hugely into North African and Middle Eastern flavours right now. They’re just beautiful but in another year I could be fascinated with South American dishes or something from the Far East.

One of my favourites from my menu is the seabass with lemon, fennel and dill risotto. It’s bursting with freshness. Also the duck breast with spicy plum and rhubarb compote is absolutely delicious.

What is your favourite restaurant in Morzine you would recommend to our guests for your night off?

L’etale. I love it. Always friendly. The staff in there really work hard and they can cope with anything. It has a big menu and it’s all delicious. the filet de beouf is to die for and I love the planche d’etale. It’s like a posh mixed grill with a trio of sauces. You have to have the gratin potatoes too, not chips. Yum.

What is the most interesting or fun experience you have had being a private chef?

It’s all fun. Are you kidding? I get to meet and cook for loads of interesting and like minded souls in the evenings and then go ride pow in the daytime. ALL SEASON!!

What is your food heaven and food hell?

Heaven is anything by Ottolenghi. Hell is going to have to be snails. I know I’m a chef in France but I’m just not down with snails at all. Haha.

What makes you different from the other private chef companies in Morzine?

I think that the fact we move from the mountains to the coast every season keeps our influences and menus interesting. And I think the vast experience that we have in the ski industry really helps so we try to always be immensely flexible. Of course we’re primarily about the food but we have a massive understanding of what people are hoping for from their holiday experience overall. We try to use our role in that process to really contribute in any way that we can.

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