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Why Skiers and Snowboarders should try Mountain Biking in Morzine

mountain biking morzine

Why skiers and Snowboarders should try Mountain Biking in Morzine

Many of our winter guests to Morzine ask us what we do during the summer months when we are not snowboarding. If you are a regular visitor to our website or Facebook or Instagram page you will know that the answer to that question is mountain biking. We are passionate about both sports and believe there are many reasons why skiers and snowboarders should try mountain biking in Morzine. Both sports have a lot of surprising similarities……

Where it began

People started mountain biking in the late ’70s and early ’80s. This is when “dudes” were getting “radical” in California and starting to push the boundaries of sports including skiing and snowboarding. These guys were pioneers and didn’t care what people thought of them. This mind set and newly available technology gave them new ways of having fun in the mountains on planks or wheels.

mountain biking morzine

Where you do it

You would be forgiven to not realise that all around those ski slopes are lots of hidden mountain bike trails. They are even accessible from the same lift system used in the winter.

It is not just on the mountain where you find similarities. Mountain bikers can enjoy a similar service in the summer as skiers and snowboarders get in the winter. Catered chalets and self catered apartments have everything a mountain biker needs. Large garages, hot tubs and staff members with local knowledge are all on hand. However, the similarities end with holiday prices, as the summer in Morzine is a LOT cheaper!

mountain biking morzine

Similar Skills

The crossover skills between the sports are surprisingly similar. Balance, controlling skids on a loose surface and judging speed are all things experienced across these sports. Also you may have heard the phrase “speed is your friend” for when you are sliding on snow. This is certainly the case on a mountain bike too, as sometimes the last thing you should do is put the breaks on!

A great way to make the most out of you winter holiday is to build your skills with ski and snowboard lessons. This is also the case with mountain biking. In Morzine lots of our guests use RideAbility, a local MTB school. Their instructors can teach you the techniques needed to take berms, jumps, forest sections and how to choose the best line down those trails. They will give you lots of things to practice during your stay, just like a ski instructor. We also recommend Synergie MTB Academy.


Equipment Hire

Hiring a bike in Morzine is just as easy as hiring skis and snowboards, just ask Tim from Torico Performance Bicycles. Tim has a great mountain bike shop in Morzine hiring out Nukeproof Enduro and Downhill bikes. He also has a great team of mechanics to look after your own bike too.

Mountain biking Morzine

On the Mountain

You can ride an MTB trail in different ways just like a you would a ski slope. Different lines, and speeds give you a different experience allowing you to progress. Weather conditions alter a trail too. Riding a trail on a dry day versus riding it on a damp day will change how you ride it. This is just like when you need to adapt to slush, ice or powder in the winter.

Riding downhill trails is a similar experience as skiing the slopes in the winter. You just get on a lift for a great run back down. But what if you want to earn that blast down the mountain? We liken enduro mountain biking to splitboarding or ski touring. Putting the effort in off the beaten track for a great view and an amazing ride down is extremely rewarding.

Mountain biking morzine

The Experience

Amazing alpine views before starting a descent is another thing these sports have in common in the alps. You get the same feeling of excitement before you set off, especially when you are trying out a new run or heading toward your new favourite one.

Ultimately mountain biking in the alps is fun. Skiers and snowboarders who haven’t tried mountain biking yet will enjoy a new challenge while experiencing some familiar aspects. Great accommodation, great riding with friends and family with amazing experiences.

mountain biking morzine

For a more detailed look at what to expect on your first mountain bike trip to Morzine, get prepared and have a look at our blog.

By Tom Fortune