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How to Hire a Car in Morzine

There is a lot to do, see and explore in the surrounding areas around Morzine and so you might want to hire a car during your stay.  Whether you fancy a drive to Lake Geneva, a chance to explore Chamonix and Mont Blanc or you just want the daily freedom to hop in the car with the family, having a car in Morzine can be very useful.

Flights into Geneva are frequent and so if you don't want to drive out to France with your own car, why not hire a car for your next family holiday.

Once your have flown into Geneva there are plenty of places to hire a car. The choice is though, do you hire on the French side of the Airport or on the Swiss side?

Hiring a car on the Swiss side is more convenient in terms of getting to Morzine and quicker when you reach arrivals. However, it is worth noting that hiring from a Swiss company can be more expensive.

Normally a Swiss hire care will have a Swiss Motorway Vignette which is a little sticker in the windscreen that means you can use the Swiss motorway to drive towards Morzine. When booking you will need to check with the Swiss Car Hire company that you can drive the car into France (some do not allow this) and also if you need the car for longer than a week, again check you are covered with the insurance for this.

You can hire a car on the French side when you arrive into Geneva which can be MUCH cheaper. This option also means that you should not have any issues taking the car to Morzine.

It is, however, much more challenging to navigate your way to Morzine if you decide to take this option as you need to go via the lake at Thonon. It is also worth bearing in mind that if you do want to use the Swiss motorway you will need to purchase the Swiss Vignette.

There are routes to Morzine which do not require you to drive on the Swiss motorway. If you decide to choose this option it may be worth bringing/hiring a Sat Nav.

You can hire a car from Geneva Airport to pick up on arrival and drive to resort.  A useful website would be Rental Cars. You can book these in advance, arrange a time and hop straight in the car at the airport, instead of using a transfer to resort.

If you dont want to hire a car - Transfers to Morzine are very convenient.  You can book individual seats or a whole private van and then they will be waiting for you at the airport for when you land. Therefore you can avoid the hassle of organising and finding a rental car at the airport. 

We recommend a few local transfer companies, check out a list here.

Once in resort, you might want to explore a little further afield.  A car can be useful as there are plenty of day trips within a 2 hour drive of Morzine. 

There are now a few options in Morzine for car hire and we have 2 local rental companies in Morzine where you can hire a car by the day, week or even hire a car by the hour.

Europcar Morzine

Station Avia
196 Route de la Plagne,
74110 Morzine

Morzine Car Rental

A Morzine based car rental company offering hourly, daily, weekly and longer term car rental. The service will be personal and friendly.
06 10 37 83 61
[email protected]

You don't need to hire a car, there are plenty of buses and bus routes that you can get on for free around resort.  There are also some local buses for around €1.50 (free with a multipass) that can take you to some nearby towns.

Check out the Morzine valley bus map and timetable for summer 2022 Bus Timetable - Summer 2022

Also, if you are looking to explore the surrounding areas, Mountain Days Away, are running scheduled day trips to Annecy, Thonon les Bains, Evians les Bains and Chamonix.⁠

For more information email us on [email protected]

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