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9​ ​Reasons​ ​to​ ​go​ ​on​ ​a​ ​Multi-Generational Winter​ ​Holiday [Updated Winter 21/22]

It’s been quite a year, and if you feel like you’re an extra in a Spielberg film, then you’re not alone! For many of us, we have spent too much time indoors and away from family, as the drama has unfolded.

Despite the uncertainty of Covid-19 restrictions, Tour Operator Intrepid has seen unprecedented demand for its multi-generational family trips in recent months, with safety and quality being the top priorities for holidays next year and more importantly so have we... there are lots of people booking multi-generational family trips for 2022.

So as we look to winter 2022 and welcome advancements in testing, along with new vaccines, which will speed up the lifting of travel restrictions, let’s try and make up for that lost time together by planning the most amazing multi-generational holiday.

A multi-generational, or 3G holiday, is where three different generations of the family go on holiday together: Grandparents, parents, and their children (and even aunties, uncles and cousins) spending time together in a holiday destination.

Of course, summer holidays are great, but why wait ‘til then? You can whisk your loved ones away for a winter holiday in Morzine - a magical experience that the whole family can enjoy.

From grandparents to grandkids, going away to a new and exciting destination allows the family to spend quality time together without the distractions of the day-to-day routine.

Grandparents have the chance to spoil the kids with treats, late bedtimes and all the things that mean endless holiday fun. With a bit of luck, you might be able to book a dinner for two without the need for a babysitter!

The whole family can combine an activity-packed gathering with the opportunity to do things individually.  There’s no need for anyone to compromise on what they want from their holiday.

9 Reasons Why Multi-Generational Holidays Are so Popular

1. Enjoy Special Times in an Amazing Location!

With busy schedules and loved ones living further away from each other, it can sometimes feel like a stretch to find time to catch up properly with family.

The Covid-19 restrictions have reduced our together-time with grandparents more than we could ever imagine and for longer than we would have thought possible.

That’s why it’s so important to plan something extra special so you can spend that quality time with the ones you love the most.

What better place to create those holiday memories than in the mountains, with stunning alpine scenery, and a winter wonderland atmosphere.

Morzine is an incredibly family-friendly resort – it really does offer something for everyone, young and old.

2. More Time for You in the Mountains

If you have young children, you know that an extra pair of hands to look after them makes such a difference. So who better to include on a 3G winter holiday than grandparents?

They can reconnect with the whole family and offer support from their own experiences, not to mention telling a few stories of when you were young!

This means that you and your other half can enjoy some precious time alone, knowing your little ones are in safe hands. Maybe you want some ski-time on the mountain, a romantic walk in a snowy forest, or to dine at one of the many restaurants Morzine has to offer?

All families have different dynamics and needs, but with grandparents and possibly other extended family members, everyone will have more freedom to enjoy the many alpine activities available.

3. New Experiences to Share With the Whole Family

Multi-generational holidays can be full of really special experiences. By staying in a beautiful location with stunning vistas and thrilling activities, you will make up for lost time together and create moments to cherish.

You’ll be very lucky if your family hasn’t missed out on some kind of milestone celebration due to Covid-19. So why not roll all those cancelled birthdays, reunions and anniversaries into one wonderful family escape to a snowy location?

If you’re going on holiday with three generations, why not spend it learning something new? Fantastic memories will be made experiencing the mountains together for the first time.

If you’re already a powder-loving parent, then what could be more exciting than sharing that passion with your kids? Skiing or snowboarding is a fantastic hobby that your children can carry on into their future!

4. Cut the Costs of a Luxurious Winter Holiday

Catered chalets can cost a lot less when you’re in a larger group! Take advantage of splitting the cost of luxury accommodation, including meals for an all-round cheaper holiday.

Plus, if you’re looking at staying in a self-catered apartment, the multi-generation experience works out great, as you can share the cooking between you! Then, you can use the savings made for splashing out on your own private chef to cook some delicious meals in… go on, spoil yourselves.

When you go on holiday as a family group, then often any childcare costs you might pay are saved due to everyone helping out with the young ones. Whether it’s dropping them off at ski school or taking them up the mountain to meet for lunch on a sunny terrace, a little bit of help goes a long way.

Alternatively, you could have some child-free time with your parents on the slopes using a private nanny service, which can often flex with your needs. We have some great contacts on our Childcare page.

5. Fantastic Activities for Everyone

If you tend to find that when the holidays come, your kids start bouncing off the walls in excitement and are raring to try every activity available, then skiing is the perfect option.

For active families, ski resorts have a wide variety of activities to keep even the most restless occupied. Think endless skiing and snowboarding fun – and for those non-skiers in the family, there’s sledging, snow-shoeing, swimming, ice-skating… the list goes on.

Do you want to get even closer to nature? Then why not try a unique falconry experience at an altitude of 1413m.  Several birds of prey including eagles, buzzards and owls will make Restaurant la Pointe de Nyon their winter home, where you can watch them fly or get closer as they feed.  This location can be accessed by pedestrians as well as skiers - a wonderful treat for the whole group.

Plus, you might find some undiscovered talents in the family. Whether your kids take to the snow so quickly that they are moved up to the next ski school class, or you find out that Grandad used to be quite the skier in his heyday, as he zips past you on the slopes!

6. Giving the Gift of Together-time

You’re never too old to enjoy the things you love, as George Jedenoff, now 102 (and still skiing!) demonstrates in this clip when he celebrated his 100th birthday.

His advice was simply this:-

"Age is just a number. Don’t let it hold you back. Always be kind to others. Never give up."

Now more than ever, we know how much value we place on being together as a family. We’ve had a lot of time to think about what’s important and what we have missed. Therefore, it’s no surprise that family and travel are top of the list.

So why not combine both wishes by creating a fantastic holiday with all the family in a stunning location? By pooling resources, it’s possible to provide a truly memorable family holiday that, without a joint effort, just wouldn’t happen.

Imagine what a gift you are giving to your children if you can take them on a winter wonderland trip where they learn to ski or snowboard for the first time? What a legacy that would be!

7. Memories to Treasure Long After the Holiday Is Over

These days, it’s a fact that people prefer to spend their money on experiences rather than material things. A 3G holiday is a perfect opportunity to build that family photo album. Trust us, it’s something that the kids won’t be able to stop talking about!

8. Everyone’s Doing It!

Multi-generational holidays are certainly becoming more popular, but don’t just take our word for it.

The Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance survey showed that a whopping 80% of people who experienced these holidays felt that having three generations present had a positive impact on the trip. They stated their main reasons for going on multi-generational holidays were to make up for lost hours and spend time with family members.

An Easyjet passenger survey in 2019 suggests that 73% of their customers have taken a multi-generational holiday.

Also Ryanair said in the last 5 years, inter-generational bookings have risen by 52%

More recently, Intrepid Travel found that during the last 3 months 25% of the top trips booked by customers for 2021 have been family holidays, compared with just 12% during the same period last year.

And finally, in a recent poll by Virtuoso, 79% of respondents said they would take part in a travel pod, which consists of two or more households.

9. Bring the Whole Family!

We know that our furry friends are as much a part of our family as our loved ones, so it seems a real shame to leave them at home when you go on holiday.

Well, now you can bring them with you and enjoy More Mountain’s range of dog-friendly accommodation! Dogs will love exploring the mountains, chasing snowballs and getting to be part of all the fun. Check out our guide to bringing your dog to Morzine.

So there you have it, 9 reasons to go on a Multi-Generational winter holiday – it shows that families that ski together, stay together!

How Multi-Generational Winter Holidays Can Work for Your Family

Here are a few ideas based on what some of our previous guests have found worked well for them on a multi-generational holiday in the mountains.

Generally, with the grandparents close at hand, it means parents can have a bit of well deserved time off from the kids and some ski fun, similar to the old days pre-children!

Non-skier grandparents don’t need to worry about missing out on all the alpine fun, as the whole family can still meet on the mountain for lunch with the help of pedestrian-friendly telecabines and gondolas.

Morzine offers a great selection of mountain restaurants that are very easy to access, even with pushchairs and little ones on sledges. That way Mum and Dad can ski to see the whole family, having had a morning of blasting around the pistes.

If your parents or in-laws are also big ski fans, then tag teaming time on the hill can also work really well, especially if you tie this in with some part-time childcare.

More importantly, there is nothing better for active grandparents than a morning skiing, picking up the kids from ski school, then meeting up with Mum and Dad and heading for some lunch followed by a spot of sledging.

This works brilliantly at the bottom of the Pleney pistes in Morzine. There is a wealth of lunch choices and some great sledging spots, all within a short walk of a More Mountain chalet!

All of you sometimes deserve a day off… a lot of families go for a walk towards the Vallée De La Manche and take the sledges, stopping for a coffee en-route. This is a nice relaxing walk in the snow, and you can get the bus back into Morzine, so the kids don’t get too tired!

On chalet staff nights off, you can sample one of the excellent restaurants in Morzine. Many of the restaurants do an earlier sitting so you can get the kids fed by 7pm. And of course, if your parents are there, all the more reason to make the most of a night out guilt-free, as you know the kids are safely playing with Granny and Grandad.

Why Choose Morzine for Your Multi-Generational Family Trip?

Morzine offers something for everyone, which is crucial when deciding on a destination that the whole family will enjoy.

  • Variety of slopes for all levels of ability from beginner to advanced.
  • Ability to travel up the mountain as a non-skier so everyone can experience the mountains.
  • Close proximity to a high altitude ski area so you can have peace of mind regarding snow conditions.
  • Lots of non-skiing activities to try, which is excellent for family members who don’t ski or board.
  • A family-friendly resort with lots of activities for young children and easy to access places for grandparents to take the kids
  • Lots of great child care options to give the adults a breather! Check out our childcare page for more info.

What to Look for in a 3G Family Holiday Provider

You should expect your holiday provider to know what different families need and want from their holidays. A holiday provider should help you create the perfect winter experience that your family will be talking about for years to come.

  • Use the expertise of a company that has been in business, in Morzine, for almost 15 years.
  • Enjoy the wide variety of luxury accommodation with both catered and self-catered options.
  • Tap into our vast knowledge of skiing and snowboarding for all ages at all levels
  • Talk to us about any pre-holiday questions, special requirements, general advice and help in making a perfect 3G holiday.

Ready to Go?

Start planning your holiday today by contacting us and together, we can create the perfect multi-generational trip.

If you’re not quite ready to book a ski holiday, sign up for our free email course to learn everything you need to know about booking your winter escape.

Maybe you’d like to share this article to the rest of the family and get them in the mood for a winter holiday in 2022?

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