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Special Occasion Cakes in Morzine

Are you looking for a special occasion cake in Morzine? We have the perfect solution to get your personalised birthday or celebration cake here...

Apeeling cakes are all about delicious, yummy cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, muffins and anything else that you can bake.

Sarah, owner, founder and baker, has always had a love for baking. Inspired by her Grandma, she started as a teenager and her passion and expertise grew while baking cakes and desserts for friends and family.

After moving to Morzine, Sarah started to receive baking requests from friends, and then through word of mouth her requests steadily increased and she was baking and decorating cakes for special occasions. Next, she began baking for local cafes and started delivering personal wedding cakes. What started as a hobby turned into a passion business!

She has completed the PME Master Cake Decorating Diploma, so whether you want royal icing, piping, sugarpaste flowers, fondant icing or personalised modelling, Sarah can create whatever your special occasion desires. Check out her Instagram and Facebook for beautiful and mouth watering pictures!

Whatever the occasion, whatever the craving, Apeeling Cakes has everything you need for even the sweetest tooth!

Apeeling Cakes are now offering an afternoon tea service where you will get a cake a day for the six days of your holiday. Think banana bread, lemon drizzle, brownies, gingerbread, and other teatime treats. Each cake feeds 8-10 people and deliveries will take place every other day when you will receive two cakes (one for each day). The cost for the week is €120 plus €15 delivery. Should you have a larger party, it is possible to order more than one cake a day for which the cost will be adjusted accordingly. Savoury options are also available upon request.

Get in touch if you need help arranging afternoon tea, a secret surprise birthday cake or some mountain friendly sweet treats. With Christmas coming up, why not organise a cake for your stay!

Remember, cakes are all about want, not about need!


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