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Stay Safe on the Slopes with the Piste X Code

As kids we learn the Green Cross Code and as adults we learn the HIghway Code to keep us safe on the roads. Did you know there's an equivalent for staying safe on the slopes?

With ski holidays becoming increasingly popular we're seeing more and more people descending on the pistes.

We love skiing and snowboarding so, we get it - it's exciting! The adrenaline of riding with your friends and family, in the fresh air surrounded by stunning scenery. It doesn't get much better!

However, we're also seeing an increase in accidents, a lot of which could be avoided with the right knowledge.

We want you to have MORE fun and stay safe while you're on holiday which is why we're sharing the Piste X Code with all our guests ahead of February Half Term - one of the busiest times of the winter!

What is the Piste X Code?

The Piste X Code is a Morzine initiative launched in 2022 in response to a tragic accident at a nearby ski resort. Based on the FIS safety guidelines for skiers and snowboarders, the Piste X Code sets out the key things to be aware of when you're using the slopes, including:

  • Skiing or snowboarding within your ability
  • Choosing your line - the person downhill ALWAYS has right of way
  • Making sure you stop at the side of the piste - not in the middle or under the brow of a hill
  • Looking up and down the slopes before you set off
  • What to do if you witness or are involved in an accident

As Jon, co-owner of More Mountain, says:

“The mountains aren’t a theme park. Skiers and snowboarders who join us once a year for a week in the mountains easily forget about piste etiquette and many have never had lessons - they simply don’t know the rules. We hope this focus on piste safety will raise awareness and prevent horrific accidents in the future.”

Click here to watch Monty's Mountain Adventure en français.

You can read the full Piste X Code in English here, and in French here.

You'll find a copy of the Piste X Code in your More Mountain apartment or visit their website where you can also test your existing knowledge.

Have a safe holiday!

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