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Recipe: White Chocolate Ice Cream - More Mountain Style

Summer definitely feels like it is coming early! One of our chalet classics to share for a good old creamy white chocolate fix with a zing of raspberry and fruity goodness. Yum!!

White Choc Ice Cream with Raspberry Coulis

250g White Chocolate
100g natural yogurt (1 pot)
500ml cream (250 whipped, 250 unwhipped)
100g Icing Sugar
Frozen raspberries

Whip half cream until soft peaks and fridge.

Keep the rest of the cream in the fridge.

Melt white choc in bain marie. Remove from heat and let cool. V Important this is cold.

Beat in unwhipped cream with an electric mixer until smooth. Add yogurt and icing sugar until aerated and frothy.

Fold in whipped cream. Pour into rubber muffin moulds and let set. Freeze for 6 hours.

Before serving, pop the ice creams out the moulds and put on a separate plate and place in the fridge for 10 minutes. This takes the edge off them being too hard and frozen before serving!

Home Made Raspberry Coulis

Take a couple of handfuls of frozen raspberries. Put them in a mini food processor with a calculated drizzle of boiling water poured over the top to defrost and a couple of tablespoons of icing sugar to sweeten to taste – blend until smooth. Pass through a sieve and put into a squirty bottle.

Drizzle over the parfait, whichever way you like with a couple of fresh raspberries and blueberries on the side and a sprig of mint. Mmmmm.... MM DELICIOUS!

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