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5 Reasons Why You Need A Two Week Summer Holiday in Morzine

Morzine is hands down one of the best Summer holiday destinations. Whether you’re looking for full on adventure or a chilled out escape, the French Alps really do have something for everyone, the problem is fitting everything in…

You know the feeling - you've been waiting to get away on holiday for AGES. You're wrapped up in the holiday glow for the first couple of days, getting into the swing of things and then BANG, suddenly you've run out of time to do everything on your list and you have to head home tomorrow.

It doesn't have to be this way. Here's why a two-week summer holiday in Morzine could be the best decision you make next summer.

1. Kick back, relax, and go home rested!

By the time you start to wind down from the stress of travelling and work starts to become a faint memory, it's time to pack up and head home again. A week just simply isn't long enough to fit everything in.

Coming on holiday to Morzine, where there is so much to do  the temptation is to fill every day meaning you end up going home with great memories but are almost more tired and in need of a break than before your holiday!

Instead, taking a two-week summer holiday gives you the space to chill and relax without FOMO taking over. Plan in some down time and book a parapente flight, treetop adventure, or any of the other activities on offer in Morzine at a time that suits you, rather than the only time that is available.

With a two week holiday you don’t have to get up and go, go, go every day.

2. Properly explore the area

Whether you're biking or hiking, Morzine is at the heart of the Portes du Soleil, a huge network of world-class trails.

You might be able to whizz around the bike park trails in a week but spending longer in Morzine gives you the opportunity to get to know the trails so you can enjoy riding them time and time again. There's also no need to rush - take your time getting used to the Alpine trails (they’re typically steeper than the ones you’ll find in the UK) and properly gain your confidence. On a two-week holiday you can also really benefit from hiring a guide to show you around and give you some tips part way through your holiday.

Some famous hiking routes including the GR5 and Tour du Mont Blanc can be accessed from Morzine. These hiking routes are supported with a network of refuges, many of which are open during the summer so you can tackle sections of these hikes over a number of days.

Staying in a mountain refuge is great fun, and you don’t need to undertake a multi-day hike for this unique alpine overnight experience. Le Refuge de l’Abricotine is next to the Brochaux waterfall, just a short walk from the Linderets bowl which you can access via the Ardent Telecabine (and it’s free with your Multi Pass). Have a traditional dinner then step outside for stargazing away from the lights of Morzine for a night you won’t forget.

For families, The Stash Bivouac is a perfect overnight adventure. Stay in teepees and cook your dinner in the open air over a gas barbeque. There are toilets and lighting, and you can hire sleeping bags if you need to. To get there, it’s just a short walk down the 4x4 track from the Seraussaix Farm car park.

If you fancy a bit of a bigger walk, Refuge du Bostan and Refuge de Tinderets are two of the best refuges to check out near Morzine. Just make sure you book ahead so you have a place to sleep!

3. Ultimate holiday flexibility

Driving to Morzine is great because it gives you extra flexibility to explore once you're in Morzine and you can bring as much stuff as you want (or can fit in the car).

Taking a two-week summer holiday also lets you turn the journey into part of your holiday. Depending where you're coming from in the UK, you can break your journey up with an overnight stay in Dijon or Troyes, or have a couple of days en route to Morzine and explore other parts of France.

Even though Morzine is one of the easiest resorts in the French Alps to drive to from the UK, a two-week holiday means that whoever’s on driving duty will appreciate having more time to relax and enjoy their time in Morzine.

4. Venture further afield

Although there's plenty to keep you occupied in Morzine for a fortnight, it is perfectly placed to explore the Portes du Soleil and wider Haute-Savoie areas.

Having a car gives you the ultimate flexibility to get out and about but if you haven’t driven to Morzine, you could hire a car or use the public buses. You can even use the Multipass to ride the lifts all the way into Switzerland and back for a day!

In around an hour’s drive from Morzine you can reach the world-famous mountain town of Chamonix with the Mer de Glace and amazing Aiguille de Midi, or the beautiful lake-side towns of Yvoire and Evian.

Yvoire is known for its exceptionally well-preserved medieval architecture, and its 14th-century castle is a prominent landmark on the edge of Lac Léman. With quaint cobbled streets, wonderful eateries, quirky shops and the award-winning Jardin des Cinq Sens, it’s a great place to spend the day.

Annecy is also another popular destination situated on the shores of the stunning Lake Annecy. Often referred to as the "Venice of the Alps" due to its charming canals and picturesque old town, combine a wander around the town with swimming, paddleboarding, or simply relaxing by the lake. It can often get busy in Summer so get there early to get a parking space…

We'd also recommend checking out Talloires which is located on the eastern shores of Lake Annecy for breath-taking views of the lake and surrounding mountains, and a more serene, idyllic spot for relaxation.

5. Settle into a local pace of life

Let's be honest, it can take a little bit of getting used to holidaying in a resort where everything slows right down over lunchtime. Some of the shops might take the infamous French lunch break, closing around midday until around 2:30pm, but the best approach is just to embrace it!

Take an early morning stroll to one of Morzine’s boulangeries for your breakfast croissants and pain au chocolats. Enjoy long lunches with your family and friends in one of the many bars and restaurants (there are so many to choose from you won’t be able to get round them all, even on a two week holiday).

For the ultimate in taking time out, head up to the Bulles De Mines D'Or, for a night sleeping under the stars in a transparent bubble lodge. It’s glamping at its finest, then you can head back to your lovely More Mountain apartment or chalet to enjoy more home comforts!

During Summer, there's always something happening in the main square next to Morzine’s Tourist Office, from free kid's activities to renowned sporting and music events.

Of course, while a two week holiday in Morzine gives you time to relax and enjoy your holiday without rushing around, maybe it just gives you the opportunity to get even MORE done!

Our self-catered apartments are all centrally located in Morzine so pick your perfect Summer holiday base and get planning your next adventure.

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